What Would Be The Right Three Wheeled Motorcycle For You?

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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of zipping around on two wheels, on a regular sports bike or a cruiser. However a newer trend is fast gaining popularity and that’s three wheeled motorcycles, better known as a Can Am. They’re more like a snowmobile or an automobile, able to cut corners sharply and achieve a very high rate of speed in a short time, sometimes going from 0-60 within a couple of seconds.

Before buying your own, please do have a good look around on the net and if still unsure about what to settle for, feel free to consult reputable sea doo http://www.fridaysjetskis.com.au/. With a second wheel added to the front of the vehicle, you get the same open air experience derived from a motorcycle, with the added benefit of greater stability and manoeuvring. These vehicles were first launched in 2008 with immediate success.

The frame of this three-wheeler is a Y-frame, giving it greater stability than an ordinary two wheeler. One can find affordable can am for sale australia has perfect combination of style and functionality if they find the right sellers. Take a look at models before deciding to settle on one particular design and style. In addition, they have anti- lock brakes along with traction and stability control systems to ensure a safe ride. Some models also sport EBDS or Electronic Brake Distribution. It is foot operated and hydraulic in nature, so that the braking power is different on various surfaces. You will also have steering which is assisted electronically as well as a reverse gear for parking, rare privilege indeed!

There are different Can Am’s and each has its own special features. For example, the F3 is like a low seated cruiser, and has a low centre of gravity, ensuring stability. It can induce you to ride fast and aggressively, with the extra comfort of you being seated close to the axles. You can adjust the foot pegs along with the handlebars for better ergonomics and seating position. It can get you as far as 250 miles before you need to refill its 7.1 gallon tank.

Enormous horsepower, to the tune of 115 HP along with a torque of 96 pound-feet at 5,000 rpm, makes it a beast to reckon with.The F3-S is a later edition and has cruise control in addition to the earlier features; it’s available in attractive colours and places a lot on aesthetics with LED lights on the front fender, glossy front wheels and black suede seats with distinctive red stitching.If travelling and camping is on your mind, you can opt for the Spyder F3-T, which comes with side luggage compartments that can house up to 21 gallons of space. Also having a built-in-hitch, it gives you the freedom to increase storage with the Freedom trailer.